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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Italy Pavilion Answers

Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons:  Italian Buildings, Jonathan


1. The architecture of the Italy pavilion is based off of which Italian city?

  1. Venice: The Imagineers chose to utilize Venice’s architecture and color palette as the main influence for the Italy pavilion as they felt Venice would be the most recognizable style to guests. The pavilion features an impressive, mirror-image recreation of Venice’s Piazzetta di San Marco, Doge’s Palace complete with sculptured top columns, and Venice’s iconic bell tower, the Campanile. The sculptures found on the top of the columns are of the first patron saint of Venice, Saint Theodore of Amasea, and the symbol of Venice, the winged lion.
  2. Rome
  3. Tuscany


2. What is the name of the fountain located towards the back of the Italy pavilion?

  1. The Trevi Foutain
  2. Fortuna di foutain
  3. Fontana di Nettuno: This large sculpted fountain is based off the artistic elements of the famous Renaissance sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini.


3. What is the name of the small island built into the World Showcase Lagoon?

  1. Isola del Lago: The Isle of the Lake represents the 17 small islands that make up the city of Venice. The Imagineers ensured to include multiple bridges, barber poles, and gondolas. Unlike the gondolas at Tokyo Disney Seas, these gondolas are stationary and purely artistic.
  2. Isola del Epcot
  3. Isola del Venice


4. Which region of Italy inspired the Arcata d’Artigiana building?

  1. Rome
  2. Tuscany: In order to represent the region on Tuscany, Imagineers utilized red tile roofing, faux terra cotta, and a warm color palette of reds and yellows. 
  3. Venice


5. True or False: A Rome area was originally planned to be built in the Italy pavilion.

Originally the Italy pavilion was to feature an impressive boat ride attraction that would allow guests to travel through the Italian countryside, learn about the mythic founding of Rome, and hear from Julius Caesar. In addition to the boat ride, guests would also have had the opportunity to walk through a large recreation of Rome’s Colosseum. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding and a tightening of budget, the Rome area never came to be. This area would have begun where the Fontana di Nettuno is located today.


(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons:  Italian BuildingsJonathanlicense)


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