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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Italy Pavilion

Italy Pavilion


I’ve always found Epcot’s Italy pavilion a little lack luster. While the pavilions to the right and left of the Italy pavilion are over flowing with rich cultural details, it’s always seemed to me like the Italy pavilion is somewhat empty. In fact, it is because of this perspective that I began researching the pavilions, and I’m so glad I did! I learned so many interesting facts and trivia pieces about the Italy pavilion this week.  Most importantly, I have gained a better appreciation for the story the Imagineers attempt to tell through the color palette, architecture, and food!


1. The architecture of the Italy pavilion is based off of which Italian city?

  1. Venice
  2. Rome
  3. Tuscany


2. What is the name of the fountain located towards the back of the Italy pavilion?

  1. The Trevi Foutain
  2. Fortuna di foutain
  3. Fontana di Nettuno


3. What is the name of the small island built into the World Showcase Lagoon?

  1. Isola del Lago
  2. Isola del Epcot
  3. Isola del Venice


4. Which region of Italy inspired the Arcata d’Artigiana building?

  1. Rome
  2. Tuscany
  3. Venice


5. True or False: A Rome area was originally planned to be built in the Italy pavilion.


(Photo from the Flickr Creative Commons:  Italian Buildings, Jonathan, license)


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