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WDW Radio Tip of the Week – Traveling with Moderate Mobility Issues and Medical Equipment

Last year, my husband and I and both of our moms took a family trip to Walt Disney World. It was a great trip and we created a ton of memories. However, prior to going, my mom had many concerns because she has mobility issues and needs to use a bunch of medical equipment to get ready in the morning and to sleep at night. However, I reassured her that WDW, of all places, is the best place to go for anyone who has any type of health issue.


So, for those of you who might be traveling with an older relative or you personally have mobility issues (can walk but with assistance) or moderate medical concerns, here are some tips that might help you.


Tip One: Make sure you reserve a handicapped accessible room. In most cases, the bed will be lower to the floor, and there will be a walk-in shower with a hand-held showerhead and a bench in the shower as well.


Tip Two: If you need a walking cane, know that canes will need to go through TSA screening, so make sure you have someone near you to hold onto you while your cane is being scanned. You may also need to walk through the metal detector without your cane as well, so make sure that there is someone who has gone through the metal detector before you, or even ask the agent to hold their hand. You will also need to take your shoes off, so again, make sure someone is near you who can help you take your shoes off, hold onto you, and put your shoes on. Stay calm and don’t feel rushed. Take your time, so you stay safe.


Tip Three:  If you are flying out of a smaller airport, like we did, know that Orlando International Airport is quite large. Let the attendant at your departure airport know that you will need a wheelchair, and they will dispatch the note to an attendant at the gate when you arrive and will have a wheelchair there when the plane lands…for free.


Tip Four: If you will be renting a motorized scooter at WDW and have never driven one before, make sure you practice first. Practice getting in and out of the elevators, practice backing up, get used to the feel of the wheel and driving speed. We did not know this and thought it was just like driving a car. It’s not! So, unless you want your foot run over or you want to lose control of the scooter, practice on hotel grounds first. Better yet, practice before you go, if you can.


Tip Five: If you have sleep apnea and are traveling with a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine (C-PAP for short), you are allowed to keep that with you in addition to your carry-on, so know that it will need to go through TSA Scanning. Also, because some devices require the use of distilled water, don’t worry. You can either have the water delivered from a local Florida drug store, or do what we did. We asked a Cast Member at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, where we were staying, if they had a gallon we could buy. They went “backstage” and got us one and gave it to us for free.


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