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Caring for Giants – A Disney’s Animal Kingdom Tour


Elephants on the Caring for Giants tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme ParkWalt Disney World is so much more than four world-class theme parks. New adventures and experiences can be found almost anywhere, and best of all, they cater to a vast array of interests.  As annual Walt Disney World vacationers, I always make sure to stay up-to-date on all the newest happenings.  Lately, Walt Disney World backstage tours and experiences have seen a great expansion in offerings, especially those that are animal themed.  During my recent July trip, I was fortunate enough to experience one of the newer tours – Caring for Giants.

Taking place at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Caring for Giants is a one hour long backstage tour focusing on the care and development of Disney’s elephant herd.  The tour is led by the Animal Kingdom’s elephant specialist and an African cultural representative.  Initially, I wasn’t sure how having two guides would work in a 60 minute time period – but both speakers complimented each other nicely.

From the animal specialist, my group learned the daily routines of the elephants such as how much the elephants eat on a daily basis, which elephant was the matriarch, why the elephant area was designed the way it was, and what techniques were used for the elephant’s physical and mental enrichment. From the cultural representative, the group learned where in Africa elephants were located, why elephants are in conflict with humans, and some of the ingenious conservation strategies being used to ensure peaceful cohabitation.

The Caring for Giants tour initially meets up at the Animal Tours kiosk, which is located almost immediately before Kilimanjaro Safaris entrance line on the left hand side. It is recommended to sign in ten to fifteen minutes prior to the start of the tour.

Animal Tours kiosk at Disney's Animal KingdomTours offered at Disney's Animal KingdomSign in station at Animal Tours kiosk

Guests on the tour travel to the backstage area of Kilimanjaro Safaris to see the elephants of Animal Kingdom like never before! Guests are only 80 to 100 feet away from the elephants during the entire tour.

Caring for Giants is an incredible experience and even better value (only $30!). Tours are offered every half hour beginning at 9 AM, Monday through Saturday. If you are interested in booking this tour, call 407-939-7592.

elephants at Disney's Animal Kingdom seen on Caring for Giants Tourelephants seen on the Caring for Giants tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom



(Photos from author’s personal collection.)


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