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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Tortuga Tavern Answers

1. True or False: Tortuga Tavern is an opening day quick-service restaurant.

While this quick-service restaurant location was open for Magic Kingdom’s opening day, it was known by a different name – El Pirata y El Perico (The pirate and the parrot). Perfectly themed to fit into the original Caribbean Plaza, El Pirata y El Perico specialized in Mexican cuisine such as tacos, nachos, and churros. Around 2007, El Pirata y El Perico began to operate on a seasonal schedule, often only being open during extra ticketed events. In 2011, the restaurant was re-themed to reflect it’s new name, Tortuga Tavern, and the new pirate heavy focus of Caribbean Plaza. Today, Tortuga Tavern serves a variety of special BBQ inspired sandwiches and salads.


2. Which code of conduct does not appear posted on the wall of Tortuga Tavern?

  1. Duels by cutlass or pistol shall be taken outside.
  2. Every man has equal title to fresh provisions.
  3. A witness shall be present for the singing of sea shanties: When guests first enter into the restuarnt, on the wall to their right can be seen the Code of Conduct for the establishment. Of course with pirates being pirates, the scoundrels have taken to adding their own ideas on the list of rules. Those are notated below in italics.
Every Man has Equal Title to Fresh Provisions
(iffin he has the gold)
Ye fair ladies shall be treated in a favorable manner
(wenches be not fair ladies)
A witness shall be present for gaming at cards or dice
(short drop and sudden stop for cheatin’ scallywags)
Duels by cutlass or pistol shall be taken outside with witness
(ye witness must have one good eye)
Damages unto an establishment shall be paid in gold, doubloons or pieces of eight
(parrots be not legal tender)
And the final addition, scrawled along the bottom of the code: “No Monkeys!”


3. Inside the restaurant is a large wall mural featuring a pirate – who is he?

  1. Blackbeard – During the restaurants refurbishment, one of the piratical details added was a large mural of the notorious pirate Blackbeard. However, he is not the only interesting thing to see. Also included on the mural are various locations visited in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.
  2. Will Turner
  3. Jack Sparrow


4. Who is the proprietor or proprietress of Tortuga Tavern?

  1. Elizabeth Swan
  2. Laura Smith
  3. Arabella Smith – This is one of my favorite details! Inside Tortuga Tavern by the fireplace is a picture of proprietress A. Smith (she can also be found on the sign outside the restaurant). Arabella Smith comes from a family of tavern owners, her father was the original owner of Tortuga Tavern and her mother, Laura Smith was the proprietress of a tavern called The Faithful Bride. A nod to Laura Smith can be found outside Tortuga Tavern in the cart by the restaurant’s sign. In the cart, a portrait of Laura Smith can be found as well as a sign for The Faithful Bride. But who is Arabella Smith and why does she have this relatively detailed backstory? Arabella Smith is a relatively significant character and friend to young Jack Sparrow in the young adult Pirates of the Caribbean book series.


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