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Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Tortuga Tavern

Whenever I visit Walt Disney World, there are just certain must-do items on my list. No matter how many times I may have visited certain attractions, shops, or restaurants, a trip to the Vacation Kingdom just wouldn’t be complete without saying “hello” to a few favorites. One of the places I make sure to always visit is Tortuga Tavern. I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan – this includes the ride, movies, literature, and various books, so anything that allows me to further immerse myself in the story is a huge thrill. Tortuga Tavern perfectly fits into Caribbean Plaza’s piratical atmosphere. Besides my rampant fan-girlness, I absolutely love the seamless theming and intricate details that abound in this location. I look forward to pointing out some of my more favorite swashbuckling gems in this week’s pop quiz.


1. True or False: Tortuga Tavern is a Magic Kingdom Park opening day quick-service restaurant.


2. Which code of conduct does not appear posted on the wall of Tortuga Tavern?

  1. Duels by cutlass or pistol shall be taken outside.
  2. Every man has equal title to fresh provisions.
  3. A witness shall be present for the singing of sea shanties.


3. Inside the restaurant is a large wall mural featuring a pirate – who is he?

  1. Blackbeard
  2. Will Turner
  3. Jack Sparrow


4. Who is the proprietor or proprietress of Tortuga Tavern?

  1. Elizabeth Swan
  2. Laura Smith
  3. Arabella Smith


(Photo from author’s personal collection.)


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