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WDW Tip of the Week – 5 Fun and Free Activities at Disney Springs

I always enjoy the small things in life and love when stores try to lure you (and your children) in with some free activities! Here is a quick list of my 5 favorite free things for us to do while at Disney Springs:


1. Play in the Mickey Mouse water feature in the Marketplace area. In between the Earl of Sandwich and Once Upon a Toy store is a very large area with jumping fountains in the ground. Keep an eye out for your little ones, this activity is also enjoyed by the older kids who don’t always watch where they are running. We enjoy sitting, maybe getting a drink or snack, and watching our son play in the water. Bonus, Mom and Dad, you don’t have to get wet!!!


2. Explore in the dig site at T-Rex Cafe. We have not yet gotten to experience this play area, but know from the hours my son spends digging in rocks at his grandparents house, that it would be a hit. I believe the entrance to this is inside the gift shop, but rules may have changed on whether or not you need to show a receipt or proof you are on the reservation list.


3. My son’s ultimate free activity is building a racer or other structure at The Lego Store. Located right next to T-Rex Cafe is The Lego Store with quite a large outdoor activity area (and several smaller indoor areas) for kids to play. Most of the tables are dedicated to the smaller Lego pieces for older kids, but there are also a few areas with the Lego Duplo® size bricks for the smaller kids.


Disney Springs at night - ©disney4. Take a cruise on the water taxi’s that run between the Westside and the Marketplace. It saves you quite a walk from one side of Disney Springs to the other. All of the Captains on the taxi’s are very knowledgeable about the areas and several of them have worked there for years! I love listening to their stories and jokes as we are cruising along. At night, Disney Springs looks so pretty from the water, and you can catch some of the music from the street performers and restaurants.


5. My final free activity has nothing to do with kids, but instead is for the Disney Mommas who need a moment of peace while on vacation! If you visit the Basin store to smell some of the soaps and bath products, you can take a few minutes to use samples of their products! They have a large sink area where you can use their different scrubs and then go over and soften your hands even more with their lotions!  My husband knows that this is a “must do” for me while shopping around Disney Springs.


I hope you have enjoyed reading these few tips of some of the free activities that you and your family can enjoy while visiting Disney Springs. Not everything is listed here, so comment below if I have missed your favorite. I always enjoy finding new things to participate in while on vacation.


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