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“Happy Haunting: Party at Disneyland” Disney Sing-Along Songs Retrospective

Disney Sing Along Songs - copyright Disney

If you grew up with VHS tapes you probably remember the venerable series Disney Sing-Along Songs. The series of films consisted of karaoke-style music videos featuring predominantly Disney music.  Other kid-friendly tunes either licensed or in public domain were also included. The one that was played most in my household (and eventually worn down) was Happy Haunting: Party at Disneyland.

As an adult (and a fairly cynical one to boot) its easy to scoff at the abhorrent and over the top acting, terrible visual effects, and frankly egregious use of classic Disney animated films. However when you take out the pretentious opinions I hold as an overgrown child, the Sing-Along videos aren’t that bad, actually there are quite a few high points:


The Mirror

The Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs plays an ominous role as the chief plot device of the video. Move beyond the cheap make-up and Corey Burton provides a top-notch voice over. He is responsible for Ghost Host dialog added to the Haunted Mansion the past 20 or so years.



Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips

At one point in the video the three main kids are hungry, which leads to Goofy cooking while singing a song. What really sets this part out are the visuals. It frequently silhouettes Goofy for no real discernible reason.




Skeleton Dance

skeleton dance

If you are at all familiar with the classic Silly Symphony Cartoons, then you will surely remember The Skeleton Dance. Back before Disney started doing live-action remakes of EVERYTHING, Happy Haunting featured a live-action Skeleton dance done with green screen.




Ok, so maybe that is only three high points. Still, I recommend going back and watching this or any other Sing-Along Songs tape you watched as a child. Frankly, it’s shocking as an adult to watch what was once so entertaining and exciting to me as a young kid. It makes you reflect on the term “ignorance is bliss.” Despite being out of production, it’s easy to find them to watch online, as most have been uploaded to YouTube.

Did you or your children watch any of the Disney Sing-Along Videos growing up? Leave a comment, I’d be interested in discussing what made these so popular back then.


(All images © Disney.)


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