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Lou’s Inbox: A guide for Walt Disney World Resort Hopping

“I’ve always wanted to tour the other resorts, besides passing through before dinner, but I’m not sure of the best way to do this and truly capture the magic of each resort. What is the best way to resort hop? Do we skip a day in the parks or use our “rest periods” to go to different resorts? Thanks, Joel Arthur (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)”


Hi, Joel! I’m Erin, one of the WDW Radio Blog writers, and you’re a Disney fan after my own heart – To many guests the creative Imagineering treasures of Walt Disney World can best be discovered in the Vacation Kingdom’s four theme parks. As for myself, no trip is complete without some time spent thoroughly researching and enjoying the on-property resorts. In order to include resort visits in my Walt Disney World theme park itinerary, I build resort exploration time into my daily plans. For example, if I intend to spend the day at Animal Kingdom Park, I will plan to have dinner at Animal Kingdom Resort’s Boma and maybe even schedule a night time safari. Not only does this help break up the day (especially for those who can become overwhelmed from all day in a theme park environment), it also allows for some relaxing time in the air conditioning.

As a fellow resort hopper, I do have a couple tips for you:

First, make a list of the top four or five resorts that you would like to visit. This list will help keep your expectations manageable as you will most likely not be able to fully experience all twenty-five resorts in one trip.

Second, plan your time appropriately. On average, my resort visits can last three to four hours each. It’s extremely helpful to call the specific resort’s concierge desk prior to your visit to see what special experiences the resort offers – examples can include lobby tours, movies, or holiday experiences.

I hope you have a wonderful time experiencing the many amazing resort Walt Disney World has to offer!


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