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WDW Radio Show #496 – Adventures by Disney to China Recap – Part 1

In September, we embarked on a unique group Adventures by Disney to China (the country, not the pavilion), with stops in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. What made this one special, and different than other Adventures, is that we modified the trip to include stops in the Disney parks as well. This week, I invite some fellow adventurers, friends, and members of the WDW Radio Nation to join me as we recap this epic experience. In part one of our review, we’ll discuss Hong Kong, Beijing, the Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China. Of course, we’ll also take a close look at Hong Kong Disneyland, including our favorite attractions and experiences on our Adventures by Disney, as well as the food, some unexpected surprises, and maybe even sneak peeks as to what may be coming to the domestic parks.

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Thanks again to Mouse Fan Travel for helping to make our Adventures by Disney trip so incredibly special!

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