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WDW Radio Tip of the Week – Easy Ways to Prevent Slips and Falls in Resort Room Bathrooms

One of the things I love most about traveling to Walt Disney World is staying at the various resorts. Actually, staying at a nice hotel is something I really enjoy about traveling anywhere. However, it is still a hotel, so what you are accustomed to having at home is not always found when you are away, especially in the bathroom.

I’ve learned some tips over the years on how to stay safe in the shower and help prevent slips and falls.


Tip One: Always wear shower shoes or flip flops in the shower. Shower shoes are better, but if you can’t find them, flip flops are a good alternative. Wearing a protective covering on your feet does two things. One, it prevents your feet from touching the shower floor, which prevents contracting any type of fungus. Now, I know the showers are cleaned, but you can never be too careful. Also, protective covering prevents you from slipping on the wet shower floor (which happened to me one time on a non-Disney vacation…not fun). I usually stock up on flip flops from Walmart to use all year when traveling. I get them for less than $1.00, then I just throw them out when my trip is done.


Tip Two: If wearing shower shoes or flip flops is not something that appeals to you, you can purchase a cheap shower mat for a few dollars. Just like home, lay it down and use it during the duration of your trip. The catch to this is if you are flying, some of them can be pretty heavy, so you want to make sure you compensate for that.


Tip Three: This might be a better tip for someone who is driving to WDW as opposed to flying, as I’m not sure what TSA might think of seeing this in your suitcase, but you can also purchase suction grab bars for the shower. They start at around $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond, are easy to put up and take down and, believe it or not, are very secure! You can grab one or two, bring them with you and attach them to your hotel shower wall. Then, you can take them with you and reuse them at home or take them on your next vacation


Have you bought anything with you or done anything to modify your resort room bathroom to make it more like yours home?


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