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What does your favorite Disney Character say about you?

This morning I was driving to work, minding my own business, when I had a self-awareness revelation.  You see, my two favorite Disney characters are Jiminy Cricket and the Mad Hatter. In thinking about this and about my own personality, it occurred to me that I am equal parts compassionate, logical, fiercely supportive as a friend…and a raving lunatic.  The thought made me smile, and it got me thinking, if you look hard enough can we all find ourselves in our favorites?

Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket Disney Character Meet and Greet during Princess Marathon

Part of the fun of a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation for many people is meeting their favorite characters.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Jiminy and the Mad Hatter, as well as some other rare favorites like the 7 Dwarves and Moana.  I enjoy how the characters, even the ones who don’t speak, portray their familiar personalities in their guest interactions.

Mad Hatter and Alice Disney Character Meet and Greet

I asked three friends of mine, as a sort of social experiment, to see if I could line up their characters with, well, their characters!  Allison said that her favorites are Tigger, Peter Pan and Robin Hood.  Since I think she’s unique and fun, an optimistic dreamer, and generous I thought it was perfect.  Amy said Stitch, Aurora, and Nemo.  I would call her a little crazy, timeless and graceful, and someone tends to be underestimated.  (However, she only WISHES she could sleep as well as Aurora.  Nobody said the comparisons are perfect!)  Stacey responded with Minnie, Olaf, and Moana.  She’s fashionable, silly, and an independent adventurer.  That makes me three for three.

7 Dwarfs Disney Character Meet and Greet

I’m having fun with this and I intend to continue my research.  However, my friend Allison brought up an interesting point.  What does it mean when we have favorite villains?  I joked with her that it means we’re a little bit evil!  In reality though, we all have darker parts of ourselves, inner villains if you will, and it doesn’t mean we’re warped if we enjoy watching Maleficent, Captain Hook, or the Queen of Hearts terrorize our heroes.

Some people might not enjoy being compared to a cartoon character, but I for one embrace it.  I even had custom running tanks made to proclaim my allegiance!

Disney Character list tank tops

I still have a character wish list.  I absolutely LOVE the Three Caballeros, but they don’t meet guests in Walt Disney World.  One day I hope to be as lucky as my friend Walter, who met them out in Disneyland last year.  My son has so far been content with Pato Donald, who greets guests in the Mexico pavilion at Epcot, but I dream of getting our picture with the trio.

Pato Donald Disney Character Meet and GreetThree Caballeros Disney Character Meet and Greet

So who is YOUR favorite character, and what personality traits do you share?  Let us know in the comments below!


(Three Caballeros photo used with permission from Walter.  All other photos from the author’s personal collection.)


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