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Disney Details on Your Wedding Day…Pt 3

While WDW Radio Wedding Week will continue, today is the last part of our series on adding Disney details to your wedding day. Check out how our listeners and readers have incorporated Disney pixie dust into their special days…

Nicola T. writes:

“Here’s all the Disney inspired things we did at our wedding in June 2009 in Manchester, England:

*We named our tables after the parks, bride and groom sat on magic kingdom obviously.

*We had Cinderella Castle on the top of our cake which was a surprise from our cake maker.

*We used the Disney honeymoon registry for our gifts.

*We pulled inspiration from Disney with our black, white and red colour theme.”


Jenn P. writes….

“We walked down the isle to a really beautiful violin Disney love song medley by Music Inc Singapore. Our cake also had bubbles all over it (we got married at an aquarium) and some of the bubbles had hidden mickeys in them.

And we had hidden Nemos on our table numbers.”


Jenn P

Matthew G. writes:

“My wife and I incorporated our love for Disney into our wedding in a few different ways. We didn’t do the traditional cake topper of a man and woman, but of Mickey and Minnie. That isn’t all though. Instead of table numbers we used Disney characters to identify the tables.”

Aaron C. writes…

“When my wife Gilly and I got married we definitely tried to incorporate our love of Disney into the ceremony and reception!

Here is some of what we did:

*) My vest, as well as the ties of the groom’s wedding party (called my “Groom Squad”) were done in a Haunted Mansion wallpaper patterned fabric.

*) The tables for the reception, in addition to being numbered, were given names of Disney couples. So when people found their assigned tables, they had a number as well as “Aladdin and Jasmine”, “Belle and Beast”, etc. Of course, our head table was “Mickey and Minnie”.

*) During the start of the ceremony, we had picked specific Disney music as members of the wedding party came down the aisle. For example, we used an instrumental version of “Prince Ali” as my groom squad walked, and then her party entered to “Friend Like Me”. Each section of the party had a different Disney tune, and our first dance was to “Sleeping Beauty Waltz”. Also, during the meal part of the reception, we had a mix of Disney music from the movies and the parks playing.

*) As this was an orthodox Jewish ceremony, we had a ketubah (wedding contract) as a part of it. This was designed by Gilly, who is a graphic designer, and she included a Hidden Mickey in it.

*) The bride and groom on top of our cake ball tower were wearing Mickey ears. We also had real-life versions of those same bride and groom ears on display, in front of a pirate treasure chest for cards, and we wore them (the ears, not the cards) for some photos later on.

*) We even got some Star Wars into the mix! In Jewish ceremonies, after the couple are wed, they go into a private room together for a few minutes (in modern ceremonies, it’s mostly so they can sit and relax and actually eat for a bit). The room is supposed to be guarded so that there are no interruptions, so we selected a few friends to stand watch with lightsabers. When we came back out, they split and formed a lightsaber arch for us to come through. Of course, the music was The Throne Room Theme Song from the Star Wars: A New Hope soundtrack!”


Bill C. writes…

“My wife Colleen and I got married in October of 2016. We got engaged in Magic Kingdom at the Sword in the Stone in October 2015. When we were planning our wedding, we decided we wanted to have a Haunted Mansion themed wedding. We both love the ride and Halloween, so it was a perfect fit. My tuxedo and groomsman were all dressed in Haunted Mansion colors. My wife’s bouquet was also done in Haunted Mansion colors. We had the most amazing wedding cake. My wife’s Aunt Pam is a cake decorator and made us an amazing Haunted Mansion cake with us in a Doom Buggy as a cake topper! It even had a ride track on it. We were married in an outside ceremony with Haunted Mansion themed decorations. It was a beautiful fall day and everything went great! We had our honeymoon in Walt Disney World the following January. We had a great time!”


(Photos are the exclusive property of the individual corresponding submitters: Nicola T., Jenn P., Matthew G., Aaron C. and Bill C.)

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