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WDW Tip of the Week – One Hidden Treasure in Magic Kingdom Park


Phone in The Chapeau in Magic Kingdom ParkThe Chapeau Main Street Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World - Michael GrayMy family enjoys looking for the many hidden treasures within the Walt Disney World Resort. One favorite is the old-fashioned, hand-cranked telephone found in The Chapeau. This store can be found in the right corner of Town Square as you enter Magic Kingdom Park. The Chapeau is actually a hat store that sells a variety of hats from fun to functional. After checking out the whimsical hats, head to the back of the store and look for the old-fashioned telephone in the back corner. It is located in a small room near the door. Go ahead and pick up the telephone, and you will be listening to a ‘party-line’ from the past. Listen as the neighbors’ gossip and offer advice. On your next trip do not be afraid to touch things in the parks, you never know what magic the Imagineers have left for you to discover.



Click here for telephone audio.

WDW Radio Show 298 – Finding Walt in Walt Disney World

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(The Chapeau exterior photo from the Flickr Creative Commons:  The Chapeau Main Street Magic Kingdom Walt Disney WorldMichael Gray, license.  Phone photo is private property of author.)


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