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Have you tried the Hot Dog of the Month at Casey’s Corner?

Caseys Corner Menu

In 2017, something unfamiliar appeared amidst the standard offerings of Casey’s Corner.  With little fanfare, discovering the new presentation was almost like stumbling onto an elusive “secret menu item.”  To make it even more interesting, the novel take on a classic changed every month!

In its inaugural year, the Hot Dog of the Month at Casey’s Corner came in many forms:

  • Pizza Dog
  • Cinco de Mayo Dog
  • Buffalo Chicken Dog
  • Cheeseburger Dog
  • Southwest Dog
  • Bacon Mac and Cheese Dog
  • And Many More

In the world of theme park food, a month long-feature equates to “blink and you missed it.” While most WDW Guests will not have the opportunity to check off every dog of the year, it makes for an interesting surprise when visiting a dining location that has presented a mostly-unchanged menu for years.

So, how does one keep up with the ever-changing hot dog offerings? The Walt Disney World Guest Services Twitter account, @WDWToday, shares a photo and description every month when the new Hot Dog of the Month debuts (see above images).  The monthly feature also appears in the Best Bites posts on the Disney Parks Blog.  However, that series often runs in the later part of each month, so if readers are seeing it there for the first time, there may not be many days remaining to try the hot dog before it is switched out for a new one.  A third option is the My Disney Experience app.  Every dining location in WDW is featured on the app, and under the details of each location, its full menu can be viewed.  The first and second items (foot long and regular options) listed on the menu for Casey’s Corner are the featured Hot Dog of the Month.  While it does not specifically say that it is the “Hot Dog of the Month,” it can be identified by its unique descriptor name.

Priced at $12.49 for the foot long option and $10.99 for the regular, the Hot Dog of the Month comes with the choice of French fries or apple slices.  Considering the classic all-beef hot dog meal with the same side option is $10.99 and $9.49 respectively, these topped monthly offerings seem well worth the additional $1.50.

Today is the last day to pick up the January 2018 feature, a Teriyaki Hot Diggity Dog topped with pineapple, onions, teriyaki sauce and green onions.  Be sure to follow @WDWToday or check the Casey’s Corner menu listings on the My Disney Experience app for news on the February offering.


Did you try any of the 2017 Hot Dog of the Month options? If so, which was your favorite?


(Casey’s Corner photo from the personal collection of Alyssa Wiseman. All other images copyright Disney and the @WDWToday Twitter account.)


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