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KSWicks’ Walt Disney World Confession – The Relunctant Disney Character Fan


What is my Walt Disney World confession?Captain America Meet and Greet - property of KSWicks

It’s a simple question with an equally simple, yet surprising answer. Like all of you who read the WDW Radio Blog, I am a loyal Disney fan, but I have never been a fan of Disney characters.

You may know me. I was the little girl who cried at the sight of Santa Claus and screamed when a creepy clown was in the vicinity. Let’s just say, my Disney confession is not so surprising based on my history.

Now that I’m a big girl, and I have a large support team of friends who love Disney characters, I am slowly coming around. Sometimes, I even stand in line for a picture with Mickey and share a sincere hug. All by myself!

I like to think that my Disney character fandom might be building to a crescendo, waiting for that ultimate Meet and Greet. One that will push me beyond the brink of casual to super fandom. Something like lunch with Thor or Captain America (I like to dream big).

In the meantime, I enjoy waving to the characters from afar and watching guests revel in their Disney character Meet and Greet moments. Have fun and tell Mickey I said “See you real soon!”



(Photo from the author’s personal collection.)


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