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Ruby’s Walt Disney World Confession – Beverly Ain’t So Bad!


This month on the WDW Radio Blog, we’ve been discussing some of our Walt Disney World related confessions. Now it is my turn to let you in on mine!


Club Cool Soda lineup including Beverly - kf

Club Cool (sponsored by Coca-Cola) is located at Epcot’s Future World in Innovations West. Here you can try free samples of 8 different soft drinks from around world. It is a very popular place to stop and take a break during your busy vacation day.

One of the sodas featured at Club Cool is very controversial, hated by most who try it. This unique tasting drink is called Beverly, and it comes from Italy. Its bitter flavor can turn some away, but I must confess that I love it! It is often compared to perfume or grapefruit and orange rind, though I find it refreshing, and I am surprised by people’s scorn toward Bev. Sometimes Disney fans will post videos of their reaction to the taste and then make their family members try it, often ending with them gagging! But I look forward to tasting this drink whenever I can make it to Walt Disney World property because you can only sample it at Club Cool, The Coca-Cola Store at Disney Springs and Las Vegas, and World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia.

What’s your opinion of Beverly?


Thanks for listening to my Walt Disney World Confession. Check out some more on the WDW Radio Blog and comment below with one of your own!


(Photo from the personal collection of Kendall Foreman.)


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