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Tip of the Week: Hidden Treasures in Japan’s Mitsukoshi Department Store

Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan pavillion in Epcot is one our favorite shopping stops. Not only is the store beautifully decorated, it is filled with all things Japanese. Mitsukoshi offers a wide variety of merchandise, including traditional kimonos, authentic Japanese candies and snacks, Saki, housewares, Bento boxes, pop culture items, jewelry and home décor. This store has something for everyone! The next time you are in the pavilion, make sure you take a look at one of our favorite finds, the Japanese paper fans.

Mitsukoshi paper fans

With each purchase, a Cast Member will gladly write a message or name in Japanese on your fan. You will be given a piece of masking tape, and you will be asked to spell out the name or message you would like on your fan. The Cast Member’s will put the tape on the handle of the fan and give you a pick up time. If the store is not busy, they might even do it for you right then.

Mitsukoshi paper fans

There are so many colors and designs to choose from that making a decision might be the most difficult part of your purchase. The fans range in price, depending on size and shape. If you are a resort guest, you can have your fans delivered to your room for safe keeping or you might want to use them to help beat the Florida heat. These traditional fans make great keepsakes or souveniers to take home at the end of your trip!

Mitsukoshi paper fans


(Photos from the personal collection of Christopher Petrone.)


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