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Vanessa’s Walt Disney World Confessions – A Mountain and A Peek Behind the Magic


Splash Mountain  copyright DisneyI love Walt Disney World and anything Disney in general. But I would like to confess that I am not a big fan of Splash Mountain,  and I know there are people out there who will disagree. Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice attraction with long wait times, and I actually like the Song of the South theme as you ride through the mountain. I can remember watching Song of the South on television when I was younger, and I still have the vinyl record so that part I like. It’s just the actual ride, the log boat seats are uncomfortable and unfortunately the drop section of the attraction hurts my back. But, I feel everyone should experience this attraction and form their own opinion. If anything, you will get exposure to a movie that is no has not been released in the United States.

Backstage Magic tour pass

My other big confession for Walt Disney World is that I have never taken a behind the scenes tour.  I’ve been to WDW countless times since 1971, and this is one thing that I definitely want to experience. Some people feel that peeking behind the “curtain” will spoil the magic, but not me. I have read many Imagineering books and seen numerous videos on how WDW was constructed and seeing it firsthand would be a dream come true. Over the years I have participated in runDisney events at WDW and the courses involve running “backstage”, allowing a glimpse into what is really behind the walls. I find that so fascinating that I would love to see more than what is afforded us during a runDisney event. The tour I would like to take is the Backstage Magic tour.  This tour starts at Epcot  and the American Adventure pavilion to learn about animatronics and works its way over to Magic Kingdom with a tour of the utilidors.  The tour lasts for seven hours and includes lunch at the Wispering Canyon Café. It’s a little pricey, but so worth it to me to see how the magic is created.

Have you experienced any of the Behind the Scenes Tours at Walt Disney World Resort? If so, please leave a comment below.


(Splash Mountain © Disney, Backstage Magic photo from Lou Mongello’s personal collection. )


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