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Top Bathrooms at Walt Disney World and Which Ones to Avoid


This post began as a quick message last Fall to our WDW Radio Blog editor, Kendall Foreman, when I was complaining about having to visit almost all of the Walt Disney World bathrooms. At 30 weeks pregnant, there was a good reason why I was visiting all of the bathrooms, but it was still annoying to be taking pit stops after every attraction! Kendall suggested that it might make for a unique and helpful blog post if I wanted to rank them all, so here I am with a list and ranking of the ones I visited over the week we were at the parks!

Ranking explained: The bathrooms are not ranked just by cleanliness, but more by design, upkeep, needed refurbishment, location, and size. We all know that the Janitorial Cast Members at Walt Disney World are amazing and keep their locations super clean!  However, there are some restrooms where even the best cleaning in the world cannot overcome the toll of thousands of people visiting a daily!

Please also note that when using the “names” of these bathrooms, they are just names I have given them based on their location. Disney doesn’t use names on their maps or other signage for their bathroom facilities.

Top 3 Favorites

1. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe bathroom (pictured) – I have visited this bathroom many times before and opened the door expecting to see the old, outdated bathroom. What I saw was amazing, and my toddler loved it even more! Lots of clean white, sparkles, and LED lighting!

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe Restroom - Walt Disney World BathroomsCosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe Restroom - Walt Disney World bathrooms

2. Tangled bathroom – This bathroom is now several years old, but still looks brand new. I love that Disney Imagineers wanted to pay tribute to this movie and did so in an out of the box way like a bathroom area instead of an attraction. Plus, the theming travels inside the bathroom facility, and you can find some amazing details.

3. Depot bathroom at Disney Springs (located next to the Coca-Cola Store Orlando) – One of the newer areas in Disney Springs and is themed to a train depot! The light fixtures were my favorite.


Least Favorites

1. The Land Pavilion bathrooms (upper floor) – These bathrooms were some in the greatest need of a refurbishment. Maybe with all of the changes that are coming to Epcot, they will give some love to the Land Pavilion and update the bathrooms as well.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean bathroom – Difficult to find and smaller facilities are a reason that this bathroom landed on the least favorite list.

Animation Courtyard bathroom – Smaller bathroom and no theming at all. It would be amazing to see something with a little color or even sketches since it was supposed to be a working animation area.


Other Locations Visited

  • Casey Junior Splash Area/Fantasyland Train Station bathroom – Theming was good, but it has experienced lots of wear and tear in the past few years
  • Peco’s Bills Tall Tale Inn bathroom – Nice and air-conditioned, but you may have issues getting into the restaurant to use the restroom without ordering. Cast Members have been stopping people without a tray from entering.
  • Odyssey bathroom – Older and it takes a while to find/get to. However, that means it is a little less crowded!
  • Pandora – The World of Avatar, main entrance bathroom – When entering Pandora from the main hub in Disney’s Animal Kingdom this bathroom is on your Left. Slight theming, but if the line for Na’vi River Journey is long, it will block the entrance to this bathroom.
  • Pandora, Satu’li Canteen bathroom – Located right outside the quick service dining location, this is the main bathroom for the land of Pandora. Themed like much of the area with gear left over from the previous human residents.
  • Pandora, Africa entrance bathroom – I believe this bathroom had been there prior to the Pandora expansion and used by those visiting the Festival of the Lion King show. It looks like an African outpost and is quite clean and large.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom park entrance bathroom – This facility is just one of the standard ones with little theming.
  • Sci-Fi Dine-In and ABC Commissary bathroom – These two eateries share a bathroom. Funny story about this one. I was using this bathroom early in the morning and noticed that the stall at the end was occupied. While washing my hands, I heard the distinct sound of snoring. Someone must have had a rough morning to fall asleep while using the bathroom!

I think that about covers all of the bathroom facilities that I visited. As mentioned above, I don’t always have to use the loo this often, but with a baby sitting just right…

Which bathrooms do you absolutely love or try to avoid? Do you have an idea of what other theming Disney could feature in a bathroom? Is there an amenity that you think Disney should offer in their bathroom facilities?


(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)


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