Walt Disney World POP! Quiz – Polynesian Village Resort Answers

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1. How many acres comprise Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort?

  1. 50 acres
  2. 39 acres – Located on the Southern shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon, the Polynesian Village Resort is located on an impressive 39 acres. On this acreage can be found the Polynesian Village Resort’s two-and-a-half story Great Ceremonial House (designed after a Tahitian’s Royal assembly lodge), the resort’s feature pool (The Lava Pool), multiple longhouses, a private beach, dock, Luau Cove, and a litany of other resort amenities.
  3. 46 acres


2. How many rooms are located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort?

  1. 847 – Originally opening with only 492 rooms, the Polynesian now boasts a grand total of 847 rooms, with 380 of these rooms being housed in the Moorea, Pago, Tokelau, and Bora Bora long houses. Along with regular rooms the Poly also has five different suites; standard, honeymoon, princess, ambassador, and King Kamehameha (this is located in the Tonga longhouse).
  2. 380
  3. 492


3. How many expansions has Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort undergone?

  1. 4
  2. 5 
  3. 3 – Originally designed by Welton Becket and Associates and constructed by US Steel Realty Development, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort  seems to always be changing and updating. However, there have been three major expansions since opening on October 1, 1971 (the Poly‘s official grand opening wasn’t until October 24, 1971). The first expansion took place in 1978 with the creation of a new 144 room longhouse, Oahu, a new pool called the East Pool (now the Quiet Pool), and the eateries Tangaroa Terrace, Snack Isle, and Moana Mickey’s. The second expansion came in the eighties, a time of great change for the Polynesian Village Resort. Around 1985-1986 a great many projects were nearing completion – the longhouses were all re-sided and painted, two new longhouses, Pago Pago and Moorea, opened adding 219 new rooms, the entire resort received a makeover (new paint, new carpet, new room designs), a walkway was added to the Transportation and Ticket Center, and the wave machine was restarted one more time before the decision to dismantle it was made. The third took place from 2010 – 2015 with the creation and opening of the DVC area and the Bora Bora Bungalows on the Seven Seas Lagoon.


4. How many long houses are currently located at the Polynesian Village Resort?

  1. 12
  2. 11 – Originally, the Polynesian Village Resort only opened with eight longhouses. Since opening, ten out of the eleven longhouses have been renamed. The longhouses were renamed to coincide with the real Polynesian islands geographic locations.
  3. 10



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