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WDW Radio POP! Quiz – Table for Two Answers

1. What year did Victoria and Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort first receive the AAA 5 Diamond Award?

  1. 1998
  2. 2001
  3. 2000 – Established in 1988, Victoria and Albert’s has been a staple of Walt Disney World’s dining scene for over 30 years. Featuring Chef Scott Hunnel’s take on modern American cuisine with a rotating seasonal menu, Victoria and Albert’s first obtained the AAA 5 Diamond Award in 2000. Advanced dining reservations are strongly recommended as Victoria and Albert’s has limited tables located in three uniquely intimate dining rooms.  Eighteen tables are located in the regal main dinning room, seating for eight adults can be found in the Queen Victoria room where Guests will dine on a 10 course menu, and seating for 10 adults can be found at the Chef’s Table for Guests who prefer to dine with a (kitchen) show.


2. What year did Epcot’s France Pavilion restaurant Monsieur Paul open?

  1. 1982 – Formerly known as Bistro de Paris, Monsieur Paul was created by renowned Chefs Paul Bocuse, Roger Verge, and Gaston Lenotre who opened the first American “Bocuse” affiliated restaurant in 1982.  In the summer of 2012, Bistro de Paris underwent extensive renovations and refurbishments to all aspects of the restaurant and reopened in early December 2012 with a new name, dining space, and menu.
  2. 1983
  3. 1991


3. What is the name of the Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort’s newspaper that first printed the backstory of the Artist Point restaurant?

  1. Silver Creek Springs
  2. Silver Creek Star – Upon check in, Guests staying at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge received a copy of the Silver Creek Star, a clever newspaper created by the Imagineers to detail the extensive backstory of the resort and it’s amenities. Here is an excerpt from the Silver Creek Star explaining the name behind the Wilderness Lodge’s signature restaurant.

    “Filled with inspiration by the stories of Lewis and Clark, Colonel Ezekiel Moreland set out for the American West in 1822. On his travels, the Colonel made a discovery that would change his life forever: Silver Creek Springs. His prize, a valley full of unrivaled natural splendor, would eventually house the Wilderness Lodge.

    The Colonel quickly sent for his daughter to join him at the new settlement. Genevieve Moreland, known to her friends as Jenny, worked back east as an art curator before receiving her father’s summons into the wilderness. Prior to her departure, though, Jenny met Frederich Alonzo Gustaf, the man for whom Artist Point would one day be named. A young Austrian artist, Gustaf dreamed of capturing the majesty of America’s West on his canvas and so joined Jenny’s traveling party. (Editor’s Note: Visitors to the Wilderness Lodge will recognize that the private dining menu is courtesy of Miss Jenny! I’ve ordered several yummy items from Miss Jenny’s In-Room Dining.)

    When Gustaf arrived at Silver Creek Springs, he wasted no time in setting up his painting supplies. He chose the best vantage point he could find – a rocky ledge overlooking the valley’s magnificent vista. Seeing the artist’s intention, Colonel Moreland uttered what proved to be prophetic words: “My friend, this valley is alive. You may be well advised to choose a less precarious location for your work.”

    Undaunted, Gustaf began painting. Then the geyser erupted. The explosion knocked Gustaf (and all of his supplies) right off his perch. Thankfully, the artist survived this misadventure … but it didn’t deter him from painting on that rocky ledge in the future. After all, a little fall cannot stop artistic inspiration. In fact, it even became his favorite spot to paint – as long as he remembered to pack up for the day before the geyser went off!

    When Jenny Moreland later had a lodge built on her father’s land, she remembered Gustaf’s love for nature and forever immortalized his chosen work area. She had the lodge’s formal dining room built on the exact spot where Gustaf spent his days drawing the beauty of nature. Appropriately, the establishment was named Artist Point.”

  3. Silver Creek Wilderness


4. True or FalseJiko – The Cooking Place located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort has never won the AAA 5 Diamond award.  Featuring cuisine from Africa, India, and the Mediterranean Jiko – The Cooking Place (pictured above) has been the recipient of the AAA 5 Diamond Award since 2000. 


(Photo copyright Disney)


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