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WDW Radio Tip of the Week – Partying with the Pirates on the Disney Dream

On our honeymoon, my husband and I not only took our first Disney Cruise but our first cruise, EVER! It was amazing and we’re totally spoiled now. In our opinion, noother cruise line lives up to the Disney standard…though we’re slightly biased. The one element of the cruise that stands out the most to me as the best, which is one I’m sure many cruisers will agree with, was the food!

Disney Cruise Line Pirate Night - copyright DisneyWe had never experienced anything like that, and as first-timers, we wanted to experience all of it, so we borrowed Lou’s stretchy pants (kidding) and ate our way through the entire 3-night, 4-day excursion.

However, because we were new to Disney cruising (and cruising all-together) we didn’t realize that you didn’t have to go to dinner if you didn’t want to. The reason why this is important is that there is a very fun and special night aboard Disney Cruise Line ships called Pirate Night, where you get to participate in a ton of pirate fun including dressing up, dancing, watching fireworks, and, of course, eating. We didn’t know at the time that there was a late night buffet as part of this pirate party.

That night, as we were eating at our designated restaurant, we learned all about the pirate deck party from a couple that we had been chatting with the previous nights, as they were also assigned to our table. Later that night, being full from dinner, we didn’t really indulge much at the party, but we wish we had because everything looked so amazingly delicious.

So, here is my tip…if you are on your first Disney Cruise Line cruise, go light on dinner before the Pirate Night festivities so that you can experience both the restaurant and the party buffet. The next time you cruise, if you are on the same ship, skip dinner and wait for the buffet. Those pirates really know how to party.


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