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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Energy at Walt Disney World


On February 20, 2018, news broke that Walt Disney World would soon be connected to a planned solar farm that would be approximately 10 times the size of the existing solar array near Disney’s Epcot.


Here are some facts about the current and planned solar farms and Disney’s long-standing commitment to environmental conservation:


• The roof of Epcot’s Ellen’s Energy Adventure building was designed and constructed with two acres of solar panels on its roof. The panels have partially provided power to the attraction since 1982.

• The existing Disney solar array is located on the east side of World Drive at the Epcot Drive intersection. The farm is 22-acres, is part of a 15-year agreement with Duke Energy, and generates five-megawatt hours of power. If you haven’t heard, the 48,000 solar panels are cleverly arranged in the shape of a classic Mickey.

• The planned new Disney solar array will be located directly west of the Magnolia Golf Course and directly east of Florida State Road 429. The 270-acre complex will generate approximately 120,000-megawatt hours of power. Origis Energy USA will begin construction in the spring with a target completion date of the end of the year.

Which leads us to the ultimate question. If there were an opportunity for the new solar array to be in the shape of a Disney icon, what should it be? The Millennium Falcon? The Death Star? Cinderella Castle? Let us know what you think!



(Solar array map created using Google maps copyright Google 2018.  Photo courtesy of the author’s personal collection.)  


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