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WDW Tip of the Week – Save Your Disney Rapid Fill Mug Lids!

Over the years I have amassed a good collection of Walt Disney World Resorts Rapid Fill Mugs* and lids. Who doesn’t want to relive their vacations while sipping out of these cute and colorful mugs? In the past, the mug handle and lid were the same color and only offered in four colors at a time. On our most recent trip the mugs all had a white handle and the lid color offerings were purple, blue, pink and red.

But we’re a family of five and this can pose an issue to who has the same color mug and how do you tell them apart? Bring a couple older colors of Rapid Fill lids with you! Going back to my first sentence, I have over 20 mug lids in six different colors and several different shades within those colors. So, not knowing what color mix will be offered during our visit, I simply pack a few lids that can be swapped out so that everyone has a different lid color.


Over the years, my family members have traditionally filled their mugs right before we boarded the Disney Magical Express, so we usually end up bringing several new mugs home each trip. One thing I noticed in researching this tip is that over the years there have been eight colors in the rotation: red, blue, purple, pink, green, black, yellow and orange, with the first five colors offered more frequently. And within this mix, I noticed that I have two different shades of blue, two shades of pink, and three shades of purple. So, this definitely helps add a mix to our lid choices during a vacation. I simply grab a couple extra lids and pack them in a zippered plastic bag; they do not take much room in your luggage and even nest together. Once we have purchased our mugs we can have someone choose a color that was not offered, and we have no confusion or squabbles over whose mug is whose.

Rapid Fill Mug lids

* A Disney Rapid Fill mug is a RFID chipped, insulated, refillable mug with a lid. The mug is part of the Disney Dining Plan, or it can be purchased separately for $18.99 plus tax (cost in January 2018) at any resort quick service restaurant. After purchasing a mug, guests are entitled to unlimited free refills on Cocoa Cola fountain drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea from self-service beverage locations at all Walt Disney World Resorts for the length of your stay or 14 consecutive days, whichever is longer. Unfortunately they cannot be used within the theme parks, but you can always ask for free water.


All photos are from author’s personal collection.


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