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WDW Radio Show #528 – Italy in Epcot: Just How Close is The Pavilion to the Actual Country? 

For decades, Epcot’s Word Showcase has allowed visitors to Walt Disney World to visit, explore, and learn about regions, cultures, and people from all over the world, and in many cases, countries they may never get to visit otherwise. And with all things Disney, it’s rooted in story, and in the case of the pavilions of World Showcase, the history as well. We wander through replicas of villages, buildings, shops, streets, and temples, but just how close are the pavilions to the real thing? In the past, we have asked and answered this question with detailed looks at the UK on show 202, and Norway on show 236. This week, we’ll travel to Italy, as I’m joined from a friend from Italy who helps to compare and contrast the pavilion with the country. Recorded live as we wander through the pavilion, we’ll discuss the architecture, culture, symbolism, history and stories, as we virtually tour the piazza, shops, dining options, history, architecture, and much more. It’s a fascinating look into how and where Italian culture, traditions and history are found in the pavilion itself, and the attention to detail that Disney’s Imagineers included to provide guests a truly authentic experience. Oh, and we may stop to sample an item on the menu… or two.

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