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WDW Tip of the Week: An “out-of-this-galaxy” experience with Cast Members!

This week’s WDW Tip of the Week is a niche suggestion…but I think it will appeal to many fans of a certain gray, green, and purple astronaut.

In deference to the exciting new destination, Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I thought I’d travel back in the space-time continuum to the attraction which introduced the Toy Story galaxy to Disney Parks: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

You know the drill: hop aboard our pal Buzz’s XP-37 star cruiser, and as the official Walt Disney World website tells us, “Take hold of the onboard cannon and begin your space crusade into the Gamma Quadrant.”  Upon takeoff,  we blast away at all the circular Zurg “Z’s” in this video game-style format ride and rack up as many points as possible.

The top score? 999,999.

And what do we call a Space Ranger who attains this elite level achievement? Why, A Galactic Hero, of course!

Now there are many online tips to scoring this high, but the tip for this week assumes that you already can do it; it comes from listeners Josh Greenbaum and Jack Griffith of Warren, NJ:

Take a picture of your perfect 999,999 score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, show it to a Cast Member at the end of the ride, and you can earn a special Galactic Hero sticker!

It’s a little thing, but in the spirit of what Lou preaches on the podcast: whether it’s pressed pennies or prepared squid crunchies in the Japan Pavilion, it is the details that make Walt Disney World the special place that it is.  And this Galactic Hero sticker tip involves another element espoused by Lou: interact with Cast Members often.

In fact, for the above-mentioned Josh and Jack, the Cast Member fun REALLY took a turn; after earning their stickers, they approached another Cast Member and teased him by asking, “Excuse me, sir, but have you ever met a Galactic Hero?” while flaunting their bling.  The Cast Member schticked along with them, and ended up giving them several open-ended FastPasses for their trouble!

I just love that story.



So, I guess I’ll conclude with these two follow-ups:
1. Have you ever earned a Galactic Hero sticker?
2. Have you had an exceptional Cast Member experience which involves a detail-specific benefit or over-the-top service?

We’d love to hear from you either way!


(Photos from the personal collection of Josh Greenbaum.)


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