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Introducing the WDW Radio Hall of Fame


WDW Hall of Fame Member Walt Disney

Hello!  My name is Dan Mulka, and I’m the Janitor here at the WDW Radio Hall of Fame.  I’m the new guy, but I have an easy job – there are only two plaques here commemorating the inductees.

Perhaps, you have heard of our Hall of Fame members?  The first is Mr. Walt Disney.  Walt has a famous quote, but truly, it was all started by him.  He was the one who came up with our second inductee, the one-and-only Mickey Mouse.  This is truly a pair that changed the world for the better.

Let me tell you a bit about The Hall, because YOU can help fill the hall and honor the people, rides, art, food, music and experiences that have brought smiles and joy to billions of people.  These are the things we us Disney fans think about while we’re day dreaming.  These are the memories that made us fall in love with Walt Disney World.

The Hall is pretty similar to the halls for various pro sports.  For example, the National Baseball Hall of Fame is filled with players, managers, umpires and executives that truly made an impact.  The Baseball Writers Association of America chooses inductees each year by vote, and occasionally a special committee can induct someone as well.  The BBWAA are truly knowledgeable about the game, and their votes fully encompass the scope of America’s Pastime.

How Voting for the WDW Hall of Fame Works

So, who are the truly knowledgeable people that get to vote for the WDW Radio Hall of Fame?  Well, you!  Each month, you (as well as The Box People and those reading the WDW Radio Blog) will get a chance to nominate an inductee in a specific category.  The WDW Radio Blog will determine the Top 5 from all of the input, and soon after, you’ll get to vote for that month’s inductee.

WDW Hall of Fame Member Mickey Mouse

The schedule:

  • Music (January)
  • Architecture (February)
  • Merchandise (March)
  • Special Achievement (April)
  • Cast Member (May)
  • Character (June)
  • Special Event (July)
  • Non-Park Experience (August)
  • Ride (September)
  • Artwork (October)
  • Live entertainment / Nighttime spectacular (November)
  • Food / Dining (December)

And, we have our own special committee as well.  The WDW Radio Blog Team, including Mr. Mongello, may also choose to induct a member to The Hall.

Inducting the First Ride into the WDW Hall of Fame

That being said, let’s get going.  It’s September, and we’re looking to induct a ride into the WDW Radio Hall of Fame.  What is that one ride that you remember riding from your first trip to Walt Disney World?  What is that ride that you couldn’t wait to re-ride on your next trip?

Now, we all know that some rides have been replaced during Walt Disney World’s history.  Those are still eligible, and in fact, some of the replacements could be Hall-worthy.

Should the inductee be one of the opening day rides from 1971?  Pirates of the Caribbean and “it’s a small world” are definitely good options.  You could make an argument for the Liberty Square Riverboat or Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress as well.  Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain are iconic and great choices.  Spaceship Earth is the only park icon that you can ride through (currently), but Horizons still lives in the minds of many.

I could go on and on, but I turn it over to you.  What ride should be inducted into the WDW Radio Hall of Fame?  Please post a comment on this page on the WDW Radio Facebook page or in The Box People Facebook group with your nominee (and why you chose them) by September 15, 2018 at [7:30] PM WDW Time.

Thanks for stopping by The Hall.  Make sure to smile as you reminisce, and of course, pick up something at the gift shop on the way out.  (It’s Walt Disney World, of course we had to have a gift shop at the exit).


(Photo Credits:  Mickey Mouse – From author’s personal collection, treatment by author;  Walt Disney – Wikipedia Creative Commons: Walt Disney Photo, copyright NASA, treatment by author; Bronze Background of Plaques – Creative Commons, copyright MyFreeTextures.com)


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