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Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress – September 2018’s Inductee into the WDW Radio Hall of Fame


You have spoken, and we have our September 2018 nominee for the WDW Radio Hall of Fame.

So, gather around.  We’re lucky enough to have a quote from a key character from the ride.  Everyone gather around, get close, he’s about to speak.

“No privacy at all around this place!”

Maybe I shouldn’t have interviewed Uncle Orville.  You have probably figured it out, Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress in our September 2018 inductee into the Hall of Fame.

More About Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress


Front of Walt Disney World's Carousel of Progress:  Matt Wade, Wikipedia Creative Commons

I’ve gone back through some of the archives, and it’s amazing to see some of the facts.  Both Mel Blanc and his son, Noel, are voices in the current incarnation (Uncle Orville and Jimmy, respectively).  Jean Shepherd, the narrator of “A Christmas Story,” is the current voice of Father, John.  The virtual-reality game expert, Grandma, is voiced by Janet Waldo – who is also the voice of Judy Jetson.

In fact, here are some links to check out:

Father from Walt Disney World's Carousel of Progress:  Wikimedia user SteamFan, Wikipedia Creative Commons

This is a timeless attraction that truly connects us to Walt Disney.  Through Walt’s pitching of the concept to General Electric, having a hand in the creation of the ride (even down to the location of Orville’s tub), and something that young and old alike can enjoy – we can all imagine Walt sitting in the back row of one of the theaters just smiling.  Add the iconic “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” anthem, which was not always attached to the ride.  This is an attraction that truly takes us back in time and is a must ride for us Disney nostalgics.

This is a ride that is truly deserving to be labeled as Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

And, this is a ride that truly deserves to be the first ride inducted into the WDW Radio Hall of Fame.



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