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There’s Something About Mary (Poppins, that is)

Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday costume

Without a doubt, my favorite Walt Disney film is Mary Poppins. Mary and I go back to 1964 when I took the trip to New York City with family to see the film at Radio City Music Hall. In between the pre-show Wurlitzer theater organ medley and the post-show Rockettes eye-high kicks, I was mesmerized by a movie that combined fantasy, positivity, and music into one supercalifragilisticexpialidocious package.

On December 19, an all new original musical and sequel to the 1964 Mary Poppins film will debut in theaters.  In Mary Poppins Returns, Michael and Jane Banks have grown up with Michael living in the house at Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane. When Michael experiences a personal loss, Mary Poppins returns to save the day. With an all-star cast that features Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, and Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins Returns promises to have something for everyone who loved the original film and for a new generation of Poppins fans.

Mary Poppins soundtrack coverIn September, the Disney Parks Blog released the official trailer for Mary Poppins Returns. Within the next month, we should expect to see a film preview debut at Walt Disney Presents in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With the preview, an exhibit of Mary Poppins-related props and costumes also may be in the works, which could include memorabilia from a display at One Man’s Dream earlier this year. If that were not enough, rumor has it that a Mary Poppins attraction is in the plans for the United Kingdom Pavilion as Disney’s Epcot undergoes its long-awaited facelift.

I would be remiss as a librarian not to recommend reading the Mary Poppins books by P.L. Travers. Although very different from the original film, the novels are equally as charming. My copy of the first book in the Mary Poppins series was a gift in 1965 from my mother’s British pen pal—a connection made through the Parker Pen, pen pal finder service at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.  It is a Mary Poppins memory and book I will treasure always.

Are you looking forward to the release of Mary Poppins Returns or do you have a favorite Mary Poppins memory?  Tell us about it!

(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)

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