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WDW Tip of the Week – 3 Ways to Save Money on Food

For years worth of Walt Disney World vacations, my husband and I have not purchased the Disney Dining Plan. We never eat breakfast, usually snack throughout the day, and only eat one “big” meal a day.

However, this last trip, we noticed food prices increased, and when we started to pay attention to what we ate and what would have been included in the Dining Plan, it had us thinking that we might want to purchase it next time.

However, if you are not on the Dining Plan, you can save money on food. Here’s how.

Water: Bottled water in the Parks is $3 per bottle. While we know you can drink from water fountains and get free tap water at quick-service dining locations, sometimes you just want a bottle. We were lucky enough to be meeting friends who live near Orlando, so they bought us a 40-pack case of bottled water which we used throughout our trip. If you don’t have friends who can buy a case of water for you, you can either have it delivered from a local grocer, or if you are Amazon Prime members, you can have water delivered to your resort once you get there.

Snacks: One way I like to beat the munchies is by snacking on trail mix throughout the day. Packed with protein, nuts help sustain your energy and keep you feeling full longer. I usually get a big bag from Target before I leave, and it lasts all week. You might even want to consider making your own, based on what you like. Fill it with nuts, dried fruit, and maybe even chocolate chips (but depending on the time of year that might leave you with a melted mess).

Meals: Ok, ok, I may get some flack for this, but I usually buy kid’s meals if I’m not that hungry. Yes, I’m over 9 years old, but it’s the same food, in a more reasonable, healthier portion size for an adult, at a lower price. For example, at the food court in Disney’s Pop Century Resort, a kid’s slice of pizza is like a normal-sized slice. A monster slice, the adult version, is 1/4 of a pizza! That’s a lot of food! The best example I ran into was at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. The normal, adult meal of Beef Nachos are $12.49. The kids size, a normal size for an adult, is $7.19. By adding as many topping as you like, you can make a good, decent filling meal out of this.

What is your best tip for saving money on food?


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