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WDW Radio Season of Giving – Resort Room Greetings


One of the most magical aspects of Walt Disney World is the ease with which Guests interact with each other.  At WDW, it is almost as if there are no strangers.  Conversations are started on buses, in queue lines, and even in Kali River Rapids rafts with families from all over the country or even across the ocean.  Special moments are made by one visitor deciding to make some else’s vacation just a little more memorable.  In fact, it’s almost as if people have the Christmas Spirit all year long at WDW.

With this in mind, how about making a little extra magic for your fellow resort Guests this holiday season?

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World over Christmas?  See the image and link below to print out door hangers that can be cut apart and hung on the door handles of other Guest rooms at your resort.  You can print one set for your immediate neighbors or try printing several and sharing a little joy with your whole floor.  Each door hanger has a space for you to write your name or your family’s name under “Happy Holidays from …”  Just be sure not to cover up the “Do not Disturb” sign on other Guests’ door handles; you can tuck this one right behind.

Not visiting Walt Disney World this Christmas?  You can still print out the door hangers and hang them on the door handle of a friend or family member who you know would love to see a bit of Disney cheer.


Print Your Door Hangers Here!


(Door hangers property of WDW Radio)


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