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Introducing the WDW Radio Podcast Puzzle of the Month!


Editor’s Note:  The WDW Radio Blog is pleased to welcome James Dezern to the team!  James is a long-time member of the WDW Radio family and a veteran puzzle-maker.  He will be crafting a monthly word search or crossword that will be based on an episode or multiple episodes of the WDW Radio Show.

For the first in this new series of puzzles, we invite you to go on a search for some of the many, many interviewees to be featured on 500+ episodes of the WDW Radio Podcast.  Below, you will find a word search featuring many famous names.  After you have found all of the names listed in the word bank, the first nine of the remaining letters will spell out the answer to the bonus question.  Words can be found horizontally, vertically, diagonally and both forwards and backwards.

To download the word search for printing, click the image below.  To download the answer, click the “Answer” graphic.

WDW Radio Podcast Puzzle - Show IntervieweesWDW Radio Podcast Puzzle Answer

(Puzzle property of the author.  WDW Radio logo property of WDW Radio.)


To learn more about James, visit his author page by clicking the link on his name at the top of this post.