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The Sherman Brothers inducted into the WDW Radio Hall of Fame

The Sherman Brothers (Sherman Brothers, Wikipedia User Howard352, Released into Public Domain)

Richard and Robert Sherman are the latest inductees into the WDW Radio Hall of Fame.  The duo has written more motion-picture song scores than any other duo in history, as well as a number of songs that have made a permanent impression on the Disney Parks.

2010’s Main Street Immortalization

How instrumental were The Sherman Brothers on the Disney Parks? In 2010, the duo were honored with their own window at Disneyland Resort.  If you happen to be in Disneyland, look for the “Two Brothers Tunemakers” window with their names inscribed underneath.

Just a short list

The Sherman Brothers’ contributions to Disney Parks include “it’s a small world (after all),” “The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room,” and “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.”  Other songs include “Miracles from Molecules,” “The Glorious Fourth,” “The Astuter Computer Revue,” “The World Showcase March,” “One Little Spark,” “Magic Journeys,” “Makin’ Memories,” “Meet the World,” “We Meet the World With Love,” “Magic Highways,” “The Best Time of Your Life,” “Live the Magic” and “A Kiss Goodnight.”

Past Interviews on WDW Radio

Lou Mongello has interviewed Richard Sherman a few times, and you can jump back and listen to those podcasts:

(Photo credit: Sherman Brothers, Wikipedia User Howard352, Released into Public Domain)


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