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WDW Radio Puzzle of the Month – Disney Parks Cryptogram


For the next puzzle in the WDW Radio Puzzle of the Month series, we have upped the difficulty by a large margin.  Puzzle solvers, get ready for a challenge!  Unless, of course, you are cryptogram fan; in which case, you will likely find this cipher to be of merely moderate difficulty.

If you have never solved a cryptogram-style puzzle before, here is a little helpful information:  As is the case here, cryptograms typically consist of a famous quotation where each letter has been swapped out for another letter of the alphabet.  For example, in a cryptogram, the name “WDW RADIO” could appear as “CFC KYEPT”. Each letter is represented by its code letter every time it appears in the quotation (“W” is represented by “C” both times in the previous example).

In our cryptogram puzzle, you have been given a key area at the bottom of the page to fill in the corresponding letters as you play.

To download the puzzle for solving, click the image below.  To download the answer key, click the “Answer” graphic.

Disney Parks CryptogramDisney Parks Cryptogram Answer


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