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WDW Radio Show #548 – Polite Pig at Disney Springs LIVE Dining Review

polite pig review disney springs WDW Radio Lou Mongello Disney podcast 548

As Disney Springs has evolved to become a necessary destination and attraction for your next Walt Disney World vacation, its dining options and offerings have grown as well. From casual to elegant, to quick and relaxing, there is now truly something for everyone. And one of the locations which quickly became a favorite for locals and visitors alike is The Polite Pig. This “casual plus” restaurant offers more than just some of the best barbecue you’ll find, but a surprising (and delicious) array of appetizers, sides, and a drink menu that’s so big, it takes up an entire side of the menu! This week, I invite you to join me for lunch at The Polite Pig in our live dining review… and don’t forget… I wouldn’t listen if you’re hungry, because even if you’re not, you will be.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: Have you ever dined at The Polite Pig? What did you think?Let me know by calling the voicemail at 407-900-9391!

Thanks to The Polite Pig for hosting us for our live review, and to Lisa Glassner from The Castle Run, and Kenneth Johnson for joining me!

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