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WDW Radio Podcast Puzzle – The Muppets in Walt Disney World


Just a few weeks ago a very special cast of characters celebrated their fifteenth anniversary with the “House of Mouse.”  On February 17, 2004, after fourteen years of effort, Disney finally completed the purchase of the Muppets characters (along with those appearing on Bear in the Big Blue House) from the Henson family.  Even though Jim Henson’s sudden death in 1990 put the partnership on hold, the Muppets were present in Walt Disney World long before they officially became Disney intellectual property.

To celebrate this special anniversary, the WDW Radio Podcast Puzzle of the Month has done a re-listen of Show #251 – The Muppets in Walt Disney World – A Look Back… and Forward and combined its trivia with a bit of extra Muppet knowledge to bring you a brand new crossword puzzle.  So it is time to ask yourself, “Are you a man or are you a Muppet?” And, if you are a man, are you up to the challenge?

Below, you will find a link to the crossword which is two pages, one for the puzzle and one for the clues.  There is a word bank included, but some of those words are decoys and will not be used. After you have filled in all of the answers, the circled letters within the crossword will be used to complete the answer to the starred Bonus Question.

To download the crossword for printing, click the image below.  To download the answer, click the “Answer” graphic.

Muppets crossword


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