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WDW Radio Puzzle of the Month – Extinct 1990s Photo Puzzle


This WDW Radio Puzzle of the Month is inspired by the upcoming Magic Madness Tournament – Extinct Edition.  Also known as the “Disney Decade,” the 1990s was a great time at Walt Disney World and for the Disney company as a whole.  The question is, how well do WDW Radio Blog readers visually remember the decade that brought us iconic experiences like SpectroMagic, Splash Mountain, the Crescent Lake resorts, and more?

This month’s puzzle offers a fun challenge.  Small portions of ten photos from the 1990s have been selected for readers to identify.  In our photo puzzle, a list of extinct attractions/areas has been given at the bottom of the page to match with the corresponding letters of the photos above.

To download the puzzle for solving, click the image below.  To download the answer key, with the complete photos, click the “Answer” graphic.

1990s photo puzzle  


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