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WDW Radio Podcast Puzzle of the Month: Disney and Space

This subject of WDW Radio Show #552 “Disney and Space” is near and dear to the heart of this puzzle author! After working as a chemical engineer for 41 years, I retired from NASA-Langley in 2013. Yes, I started straight out of high school, and early on, I worked on environmental testing of shuttle-tile materials.  I am proud of the research we contributed in support of the space transportation system!

If you have not yet had the chance to listen to this podcast episode, print out your copy of this month’s puzzle, and play along!

Below, you will find a link to the crossword which is three pages, one for the puzzle and two for the clues.  After you have filled in all of the answers, the circled letters within the crossword will be used to complete the answer to the starred Bonus Question.

To download the crossword for printing, click the image below.  To download the answer, click the “Answer” graphic.

Disney and Space Crossword

(Puzzle property of the author. WDW Radio logo property WDW Radio.)

To learn more about James and play his other puzzles, visit his author page by clicking the link on his name at the top of this post.