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WDW Radio Show #558 – Unbuilt Disney Parks

Unbuilt Disney Parks

Did you know that in addition to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, there were plans… and lot of them… to build additional parks in the United States? From St. Louis to Mineral King, from the East Coast to the shores of California, there were a number of ideas that were very close to being built. This week, we’ll look at some of the many unbuilt and lost Disney Parks concepts… including a few you may have never heard of… or realized just how close they were to becoming a reality, including Mineral King, St. Louis Riverfront Square, Texposition, Disney’s America, Port Disney, WESTCot, Disney in New York, Disney Wharf, the S.S. Disney and more! We’ll look at where they were going and why, the reasons why they never came to be, and where some of those ideas eventually ended up.

Thanks to Kendall Foreman for joining me this week! Follow Kendall on Twitter

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