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WDW Tip of the Week: Packing Your Medicine Cabinet

alt="WDW Tip of the Week logo."Getting sick during a busy (and often hot) Walt Disney World vacation is the absolute worst. While the rest of your travel party continues to trapeze carefreely around the fantastic parks, you are left alone to wallow in your misery.  To add insult to injury, when said unloyal travel party returns, you have to listen to their amazing day while writhing in jealousy.

Sickness can take many forms besides a cold or virus. I learned this the hard way – the mundane issues like headaches, upset stomachs, or even sore muscles can throw the vacation train off the tracks. During a recent trip to Florida, I purchased a one day ticket to the Magic Kingdom intending to stay in the park until security escorted me out at night. I lasted all of two hours before the headache of a lifetime struck.

My plan became to salvage the day, go back to the resort, take some medication and a cat nap, then head right back out. Alas, I forgot to pack the medication I needed, the only over the counter medication that could help with one of these headaches, and as I later found out, was not a medication stocked on property. Let’s say my special (and to be honest expensive) day at the Magic Kingdom was a complete and utter bust.

When you’re heading to Walt Disney World – along with packing those extra pairs of socks and underwear — make sure to pack your favorite pain reliever, acid reducer, or other personal “go-to” medication. Do not assume, as I wrongly did, that Walt Disney World will stock what you need. The convenience stores in the resorts just can’t house that much inventory and there’s a chance you may be too ill to get an Uber to go off property. It’s better to be a little over-prepared than not prepared at all. It can make the difference between enjoying your vacation or staying behind at the resort.

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