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Hong Kong Disneyland: 3 Restaurant Reviews (or…how I spent my birthday stuffing my face)


Alt="Wall art from the Chef Mickey restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland."

Hong Kong Disneyland really is a local’s park. There is a massive community of Hong Kongers who have Magic Access passes (APs) and attend the park regularly. There are a plethora of perks when you are an MA passholder. One of them being the birthday package of coupons you receive during your birthday month. In this package, you get one “buy one, get one” coupon for either Chef Mickey or the Enchanted Garden Restaurant, HKDL’s two big character dining experiences. You also receive a 50% off coupon for afternoon tea at Walt’s Café to use on the month of your birthday. Platinum MA members also get a free birthday cake when using one of the dinner coupons. My fiancé and I are both MA members, and both have our birthdays in July. It means that for the month of July, we decided to pig out and book dining experiences at Walt’s Café, Chef Mickey, and the Enchanted Garden Restaurant.

alt="Entry sign for Walt's Cafe at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."alt="Menu from Walt's Cafe at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

First, we visited Walt’s Café at the Disneyland Hotel on the 14th of July. Afternoon tea starts at 3.30 PM and finishes at 5.30 PM. If ordering the afternoon tea, guests will receive a tower of sandwiches, savory pastries, desserts, and scones. Guests will also get to choose a hot drink. I’m not a big tea drinker (don’t take away my British passport), so being able to choose any hot drink was a big plus for me as I got to opt for coffee. Also, my fiancé and I tend to avoid set meals as we are both vegetarian and suffer from a peanut allergy, making things a little complicated. However, the staff at Walt’s Café were extremely accommodating and catered our tea set to our dietary needs.  It let us substitute the items that contained meat with duplicates of other items.

alt="Afternoon tea service at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."alt="Menu from the afternoon tea service at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

This was ideal for us and really made the whole lunch. The tea set was as gastronomically pleasing as it was aesthetic to look at. It was clear that the desserts and pastries were crafted with care, without sacrificing flavor. My personal favorite was the English scones (like a sweet biscuit and normally consumed with jam or thick butter). They could have held their own against even my Grandma’s finest scones. The price point for the afternoon tea is 438$ HKD for two (around 57$ US), which I think is worth it regardless. But it felt really worth it considering we had our 50% percent off coupon. The surroundings of Walt’s Café makes dining there worth the price tag alone.

alt="Wall photos at Walt's Cafe at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

As one might expect with a place called Walt’s Café, the walls are covered with pictures of Walt and early memorabilia from the great man litter the café. The two hours we had almost wasn’t enough, and I’d recommend going to Walt’s Café for any meal just to observe the décor. A real treat.

alt="Entrance to the Enchanted Garden Restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland."alt="Marble fountain decor in the Enchanted Garden at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

On my actual birthday (21st of July for future reference), we went to the Enchanted Garden Restaurant also located in the Disneyland Hotel. We had never been to this restaurant before, and we were both incredibly excited. Once again, the décor of the restaurant was stunning, and it really feels like you are dining in a secret garden. We had already booked for dinner, and during the booking process, we ordered my Birthday cake too and informed the Cast Members that it was my birthday, Upon arrival, we were shown to our table where I found a birthday button and various stickers as a little birthday gift. It’s these little touches that really separate Disney from the pack.

alt="Stich decor in the Enchanted Garden restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."alt="Stitch decor in the Enchanted Garden restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland."

The Enchanted Garden Restaurant is a character dining experience, but the line-up of characters that you may encounter changes throughout the seasons. We were lucky to share our evening meal with Mickey, Minnie. Lilo and Stich. To add to this, a lot of the restaurant was “Stitchified” with Experiment 626 popping up in a selection of random places.

alt="Stich dessert on the Enchanted Garden menu at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."alt"="A Mickey shaped dessert on the Enchanted Garden menu at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

The food at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant was exquisite with a plethora of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, European, and American dishes on offer. Even though I don’t eat meat, there was plenty of choices, and I was stuffed by the end. The biggest surprise came halfway through the meal. When all four characters came center stage with serves in tow.

alt="Daniel's birthday cake at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant."

The servers were holding birthday cakes for guests, and the whole room sang Happy Birthday to those whose birthday it was. (Check out my IG: @DisneybyDaniel to see a video of my embarrassed face throughout this experience.) Overall, the Enchanted Garden Restaurant was really something special. The price per guest is normally 618$ HKD (80$ US) per person, and even at this price point, I think the experience you are treated to justifies the price.

alt="The interior of Chef Mickey restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

The last restaurant on our cavalcade of culinary celebration was Chef Mickey. I have been lucky enough to eat at Chef Mickey before, but that didn’t make the experience any less special. Chef Mickey is at the front of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and also offers a character dining buffet.

alt="Mickey greets guests at Chef Mickey restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

However, Chef Mickey is done a little differently to other character dining experiences. Instead of Mickey taking photos near your table. Mickey walks around the restaurant, saying hello to everyone before settling in his spot at the front of the restaurant. It is here where guests will line up one by one and meet the main mouse.

alt="Daniel, his fiance, and Mickey pose for a picture at Chef Mickey restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."alt="Birthday cake at Chef Mickey restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

Because we were there for a birthday, we were able to meet get pictures with Mickey and a very regal looking birthday cake.

alt="A selection of food on the menu at Chef Mickey restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."alt="A selection of food on the menu at Chef Mickey restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

The food selections here are similar to Enchanted Garden with a few differences. You still have meals to accommodate different cultures, yet the meal choices are sometimes the same, sometimes different from the Enchanted Garden Restaurant. As mentioned before, both my fiancé and I have a peanut allergy. However every dish has its allergen information printed on a place card in front of the dish. That means it couldn’t be clearer of what you can and can’t eat. That said, every interaction I have had with a Cast Member has been an extremely pleasant one. So, if you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to talk to a Cast Member as I’m sure they will be more than happy to help. The price for Chef Mickey is 549$ HKD per person so just a little cheaper than the Enchanted Garden Restaurant.

alt="A selection of food from the menu at Chef Mickey restaurant at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort."

I don’t really have any negative things to say about all three of the restaurants we visited in the month of July. All three offered incredibly detailed and personal dining experiences for me and my fiancé. The food was exquisite, as was the general ambiance of each meal. We obviously paid half price due to the coupons we had, but I definitely wouldn’t argue about paying full price on a special occasion.


What are your thoughts? Have you been to any of these restaurants? What’s your favorite character dining experience? Let’s continue the conversation in the WDW Radio Box People Facebook group.

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(All photos are from the personal library of Daniel Morris.)