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Windows on Main Street: Volume 1

Hyperion Film & Camera Exchange
World’s Largest Film Library
Screenings Daily at 4pm

Names: Dick Pfahler, Bill Bosche, Bob Gibeaut, Jack Boyd, and McLaren Stewart

The five people featured on this window all had an important role in the films and scripting of the films featured at Walt Disney World. Each of the five men came internally from within the Disney Company, many working as animators, sketch artists, and layout artists.

Roy E. Disney
Specializing in the Gentlemanly Sport of Racing at Sea
Aboard the Ketch Peregrina
Sail Maker
Sailing Lessons

Names: Patty Disney, Roy Patrick (First Mate and Gourmet Cook), Abigail, Susan, and Timothy

This is a really special window and one of my favorites. It pays homage to Roy O. Disney’s family. The window begins with his son Roy E. Disney, who was an avid sailor and a major influence within the Disney Company. Roy E. Disney’s wife, Patty Disney, is mentioned next. Following are his three children, Roy Patrick, Abigail, Susan, and Timothy.

William & Sharon Lund Gallery
Exhibiting Only Authentic Works of Art Genuine Antiques
Selected by, Victoria, Bradford & Michelle

This is such a fun window, and I love the addition of the stylized red cat. It is another window that pays homage to a Disney legacy. In this particular instance, this window pays homage to Sharon Mae (Disney) Lund, the adopted daughter of Walt and Lillian. William married Sharon in 1963, and the “selected by” names represent Sharon’s children; Victoria, Bradford, and Michelle.



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(Photos from the personal collection of Kendall Foreman.)