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Windows on Main Street








As we like to say at wdwradio.com, “It’s all in the details!” Everything in The Walt Disney World theme park universe speaks and creates a cohesive, engaging environment. This is largely due to the exhaustive amount of Imagineered created details. Whether we see, hear, smell, taste, or, in some cases, not even notice, the details of Walt Disney World substantially impact our park going adventures.

For many park goers, taking time out of a busy and often hectic vacation to explore the plethora of creative details is unfortunately unrealistic. There’s just too much to do! That’s why the wdwradio.com bloggers are here – to do the heavy reading and researching for you. 

Beginning this month in an ongoing series, I will be taking an in-depth look at the windows in the Magic Kingdom. Specifically those on  Main Street U.S.A.  I hope you will come take a walk with me as we delve into the mystery behind the names and how each name played an important role in the making of Walt Disney World.

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(Photo from Flickr Creative Commons: Brett Kiger/ Simply Classic Magic Kingdom.)