WDW Tip of the Week: Recreating Lobby Lemon Water at Home




If you have ever stayed at a Disney resort, you know all about the attention to detail. One of my favorite magical touches has to be the “lobby lemon water” with a Mickey made from three slices of lemon. I even tried to recreate the lemon Mickey at home, cutting various sizes of toothpicks to no avail. I couldn’t get my Mickey to stay together, no matter what I did. It was so frustrating! But how alt=does Disney do it?


During my last trip to the Disney World Yacht Club Resort in July, I noticed one of the Cast Members diligently refilling the lemon water and packing the top of the water cooler with ice. Each time I passed by, those lemons were perfectly placed.  I have to admit; I was a little jealous! One day, I was walking through the lobby when I saw the same Cast Member using a rubber spatula to retrieve one of the wayward lemons that had floated far away from the others.


Within a few minutes, the Cast Member had the lemons in place, and it was business as usual. Now, I had to have the secret! I told the Cast Member about my struggles to pull this off at home and how I had mangled a box of toothpicks. He very nicely explained that each day, a Cast Member gets the lobby water ready and cuts three fresh lemon slices to make the Mickey. The trick is not getting the lemons to stick to each other (Agh! I was doing it all wrong!), but fill the container halfway with cold water first and then layer the top half with ice. The lemons cannot move as long as the ice is packed on top. He told me that the trick is to keep on top of the ice continuously — the Cast Members will fill the container every half hour or so. When the ice melts, the lemons travel, and nobody wants that! I couldn’t wait to get home and try this out for myself. During a family BBQ, I was finally able to dazzle the gang with my version of lobby lemon water. Trust me, this little trick works!



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