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WDW Tip of the Week: Bring Dish Soap!

Do you use a Rapid Fill Mug or your own refillable water bottle while vacationing at Walt Disney World? If you do, remember to pack some dish soap to clean out your mugs.

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Our family usually stays at a Walt Disney World Resort, and more times than not, we purchase a Rapid Fill Mug to use during our stay, and we bring refillable water bottles as well. These mugs really do save money if you are staying for more than a couple of days. We do not carry our Rapid Fill Mugs into the parks. Instead, we bring the refillable bottles, as you can ask for free water at any quick service location.

With all of this use of mugs and bottles, they are bound to need a good cleaning. Sure the beverage stations have a sink to rinse out the mugs, but a little soap is often needed. I recommend bringing a travel size bottle of dish soap, sponge, and some paper towels with you (napkins just don’t hold up when using them to wash mugs). The handy 3 oz. dish soaps can be brought in your carry-on, or placed in your luggage. Plus, you can refill the soap before each vacation to save money. You can also squeeze some soap into a refillable 3 oz. bottle if you can’t find a travel size at the store. We wash our mugs and lids each night, so they are ready to go the next morning.

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Bonus Tip: Dish soap is essential to bring on a Disney cruise! Many cruisers bring a refillable mug or bottle with them to use for the duration of the cruise. For sanitary purposes, the 24/7 beverage stations onboard each ship ask you to use a new paper cup each time you fill up and to not fill directly into your own mug/bottle but to fill from the paper cup. To keep our refillable bottles clean, we wash them out with soap each night in our stateroom. We also bring paper towels, so we have a designated surface for our bottles to dry on.

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