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WDW Radio Podcast Puzzle of the Month: Top Ten Moments in EPCOT History

In WDW Radio Podcast #567, Lou looked back at some of the milestone moments in the history of EPCOT. Even as we look forward to new experiences in the years to come, there are attractions, shows, events, characters, openings, and closings that we fondly remember—and a few that we may have forgotten.  

The theme of the WDW Radio Podcast Puzzle of the Month is Top Ten Moments in EPCOT History. Your challenge is — listen to the podcast episode (if you have not yet done so), print a copy of this month’s puzzle, and play along!

Below, you will find a link to the puzzle, which includes the puzzle and the clues (two pages). There is a word bank included—all words in the word bank are used in the puzzle. And don’t forget the Bonus Question (indicated by a ★ on the puzzle page). Post your answer to the Bonus Question in the comments below. 

To download the crossword for printing, click the puzzle image below. To download the answer key (two pages), click the Answer graphic.

alt="wdw radio podcast puzzle graphic"
alt="Podcast Puzzle Answer graphic"

To learn more about James Dezern and play his other puzzles, visit his author page.  

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