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WDW Radio Puzzle of the Month: WDW Resort Restaurants

From buffets to fine dining and quick-service restaurants where you can relish finger-licking treats, who doesn’t love the “something for everyone” resort restaurants at Walt Disney World

The theme of the next WDW Radio Puzzle of the Month is a topic near and dear to everyone’s heart — Walt Disney World Resort Restaurants. Dole Whip (yum). Tonga Toast (delicious). Beignets (divine). Are you hungry yet? It’s time to don your stretchy pants, indulge, and play!

Below, you will find a link to the puzzle and the clues (two pages). After you have filled in all of the answers, the circled letters within the crossword will be used to complete the answer to the starred (⭐) Bonus Question. Post your answer to the Bonus Question in the comments below.

To download the crossword for printing, click the puzzle image below. To download the answer key, click the Answer graphic.

To learn more about James Dezern and play his other puzzles, visit his author page.  

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