Star Wars Land Was Originally Going To Be The Mos Eisley Spaceport and Cantina

Did you know that original plans for Star Wars in Walt Disney World included a Mos Eisley Cantina, restaurant, and Spaceport? 

Former Walt Disney World Vice President Dan Cockerell joins Lou Mongello on WDW Radio show # 585 and shares concepts of attractions that never made it to the parks including:⠀

✅ What (and where!) the original Star Wars land was going to be⠀

✅ Conversations between Bob Iger and Kathleen Kennedy ⠀

✅ Why Indiana Jones was going away⠀

✅ The Monsters, Inc. attraction that almost was ⠀

✅ The video game that almost came to Walt Disney World ⠀

✅ Possible new World Showcase pavilions in Epcot⠀

✅ Plans for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary ⠀

✅ Possible areas for new development ⠀

✅ and much more!!!⠀

❓What unrealized concept you wish would have made it into the parks!


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