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WDW Radio #588 – Top Ten Countries We Would Add to World Showcase, History, Concepts, Lost Pavilions, and What May Be Next

wdw radio 588 History of World Showcase Epcot Concepts Lost Pavilions Top Ten Countries We Would Add POST

This week, we visit World Showcase… the one that never was, and the one that might be. We will first look at the early history of the idea of bringing different nations to the Disney Parks, because it didn’t start in Epcot… but in Disneyland, with Walt Disney. We’ll explore early concepts for Walt Disney World, including its originally planned location… again, not in Epcot. Before exploring what we’d like to see come next to World Showcase, we’ll discuss what it takes to bring a new country to Epcot, as well as the spaces and places possible new pavilions can be located. We’ll then share our Top Ten Countries We Would Add to World Showcase, planned countries that were never built, and rumors of what may come next. Of course, I want YOU to share what country you’d like to see added to World Showcase, where, and why.

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What nation would you add to World Showcase in Epcot? Why? Where would you put it? What would it include? 

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